undefinedHow to convert media files and documents 


Need to convert your miscellaneous documents, e-books, audio files, videos, images or compressed archives to a different format to be used in another software or readable format? You came to the right place. In this tutorial, we will be outlining the basic and simple steps needed to convert almost any file to hundreds of other formats.


So, let's get started converting your first file


For this example and demonstration, we will be converting a sound clip that is in the WAV file extension into a more universally readable and popular format, the MP3. You may not be converting a sound file so the options displayed may differ, but the process is exactly the same across the board. Links to your file type will be listed at the bottom of the article.


Step 1 - Go to www.online-file-convert.com




Step 2 -  Select your category (in this case, I will be choosing audio)





Step 3 - Scroll down and select your target format





Step 4 -  Upload file or enter URL of source file





Step 5 -  Select any available output options





Step 6 - Click (Convert File Now) and wait for your file to convert





Step 7 -  Download your newly converted file!


You are now done! At this point, you should be sitting at a screen with a download button to download your converted file. We have now have successfully converted our WAV file into an MP3 audio file format and the download is now available for the user.  Don't forget to like and share our 100% free online based media and document file converter tools, and recommend them to your friends and colleagues.  Hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial. We make file conversion from hundreds of file formats into hundreds of other formats simple and free without any registration or software installation necessary to keep you safe.


What type of file do you need to convert? Here are your link resources.


Archives and compressed folders and files - https://www.online-file-convert.com/archive-converter

Audio and other sound based files - https://www.online-file-convert.com/audio-converter

Documents and text files - https://www.online-file-convert.com/document-converter

Images, pictures, and photos - https://www.online-file-convert.com/image-converter

Video clips and movies - https://www.online-file-convert.com/video-converter


Happy File Converting!